What is PACTT

Joint Venture of Technology Transfer Centers (abbreviated to PACTT in Polish) is a nationwide association of university units dealing with management and commercialization of intellectual property.

The idea of creating PACTT was born in 2015. The purpose of establishing the Joint Venture was the cooperation of similar units in the field of broadly understood commercialization of scientific research results, exchange of good practices and experience and among others, the implementation of EU projects. The core of the Joint Venture is the active cooperation of units and the representation of PACTT members in order to establish contacts with entrepreneurs, the creation of the university image as that of an institution open to the non-academic environment and adapted to the dynamically changing market situation and the expectations of the business environment.


Porozumienie Centrów Transferu Technologii



Currently, the Joint Venture consists of 66 units, and the number of participants increases from year to year.